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All photos have now been uploaded. For showing and dressage please use the time search box (top right)...


All images have been uploaded to three galleries - note that Ridden & In-hand classes are all in one gallery as there were two of us covering both rings. Please use the time search box (top right) to find your photos and don't forget that if you competed on the hour you may be in two time blocks. Please let other people know if you've found pics of them - they may have found pics of you...



No rings, no classes, all in one gallery. Please use the time search box - top right...



I think I may have managed to keep the images to a minimum this time.
They're all uploaded now so enjoy...



Every time I photograph indoor dressage I tell myself that I'm not going to take so many pictures this time. As usual, I ignore my advice and end up taking more. The trouble with indoor lighting is that you never know what colour you are going to get. If all else fails then black & white is a good fall back.



My apologies for the delay. Due to the show being so busy, so many images taken and getting home far later than usual, the gallery took far longer to process than usual.


These are Rhianna's images which I am hosting for her. 
All the images taken have been uploaded... 

29 September, 2019 6:00 AM

22 September, 2019 9:00 AM

We missed the first three riders - sorry...


All pics have been uploaded and dressage pics will be up later in another gallery...

15 September, 2019 6:00 AM


For speed, I've uploaded in time slot order. I will try to put some class markers in at a later date...


A very long day and lots of pics. On this occasion, everyone has their own gallery so you should be able to find yourselves quite easily. If you want all of your pics drop me a message and  I'll sort you out a price...


My new camera is supposed to see in the dark so I thought I'd test it out tonight. It passed - until the arena lights went on. Let's say, I'll continue to use my own lighting in future for showjumping - especially when it runs into the evening. I'm sure I can process these to get an acceptable print but I may have to revert to B&W for some. If you're not sure if an image is any good, message me before placing your order. I'm doing Red Horse Dressage Saturday & Sunday so I'll get back to you on Monday.
Have fun...

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